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Your Contact Information is collected by the CRTC so that your complaint can be investigated thoroughly and to allow the CRTC to enforce the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. In the event that additional information is required, the CRTC will contact you to obtain further information about the nature and details of your complaint. For further information regarding the use and disclosure of personal information, please see the National Do Not Call List Privacy Statement.

Complainant Contact Information

In order for the CRTC to investigate your complaint, and allow a CRTC Investigator to contact you if more information is required, you must provide your contact information.
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By selecting Continue, you agree that for the CRTC to act on your complaint, and thus enforce the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules, relevant personal information in your complaint may be disclosed to the telemarketer and/or client of the telemarketer who is the subject of your complaint strictly as necessary for the conduct of the investigation. The information that the CRTC may disclose for this purpose is limited to the nature of your complaint, your telephone number, the date and time of the call, information regarding the person who called you, any comments you provide, and, in instances where your complaint relates to a request to be added to an internal do not call list, your name. You also agree that any relevant personal information submitted with your complaint may be disclosed to Canadian or foreign law enforcement agencies for the sole purpose of administering or enforcing any law or carrying out a lawful investigation.