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Who Can Still Call You

Registering on the National DNCL will reduce but not eliminate all unsolicited calls. There are certain kinds of calls that are exempted from the National DNCL Rules The exemptions include unsolicited calls made by, or on behalf of:
  • Canadian registered charities;
  • Political parties, riding associations and candidates;
  • Persons or entities collecting information for a survey and
  • Newspapers of general circulation, for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions.
Telemarketing calls from persons or organizations with whom you have an existing business relationship are also exempt. You are considered to have an existing business relationship with a telemarketer, or a client of a telemarketer, if you have:
  • Purchased, leased, or rented a product or service in the last eighteen (18) months from the telemarketer;
  • A written contract with the telemarketer for a service that is still in effect or expired within the last eighteen (18) months; or
  • Asked a telemarketer about a product or service within the last six (6) months.
Telemarketers may also call you if you have provided express consent to be called. Express consent includes:
  • Your permission on a written form, electronic form, or an online form; or
  • Your verbal permission, in an audio recording or verified by an independent third party.
National DNCL Rules do not apply to telemarketing calls made to businesses, including telemarketing calls made to any personal telephone number also used for business purposes.

What about calls from market research or polling firms?

Calls from individuals or organizations made solely for the purpose of market research or surveys are also exempt from the National Do Not Call List Rules and internal do not call lists are not required for this type of call pursuant to s. 41.7(5) of the Telecommunications Act.
While these calls are exempt, they are not considered telemarketing calls under the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. Under the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules, telemarketing must be for the purpose of solicitation and such calls are not for the purpose of solicitation, as defined under the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.

Providing Your Personal Information

You should be aware that by entering a contest or signing your name on a form, you may unwittingly be providing express consent to be called. This includes filling out warranty cards, service contracts or application forms.
You can also reduce unwanted unsolicited telemarketing calls by exercising care when providing your telephone number and noting what and how your information is being used.

Business-to-Business Calls are Exempt

You should also note that business-to-business calls are also exempt from National DNCL Rules The National DNCL Rules do not apply to a telemarketing telecommunication made to a business consumer. Therefore, business numbers are not to be registered on the National DNCL, including personal telephone lines that are also used for business purposes.

Organizations' Internal Do Not Call List

You may further reduce unwanted telemarketing calls by directly and expressly making a request to a telemarketer to place your number(s) on their and/or their client’s internal do not call lists. However people and organizations who are not telemarketing or soliciting, such as those making calls solely for the purpose of market research or surveys, are not required to maintain these lists.

Additional Information and Resources

Please consult our frequently asked questions section to find out more about the National DNCL. For information about the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules please see the CRTC Web site.