Government of Canada
Gouvernement du Canada

Collection, use and disclosure of information

The National DNCL Operator collects, uses, and discloses telemarketers' information and information related to clients of telemarketers, to:
  • Validate identity of registrants of the National DNCL with Dun & Bradstreet®;
  • Enable subscription to the National DNCL;
  • Facilitate and manage the registration of telemarketers, or clients of telemarketers, with the CRTC and to allow the CRTC to investigate complaints regarding violations of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules, as well as to administer and enforce the Rules;
  • Give access to the contents of the National DNCL; and
  • Support other activities specifically identified at the time the information is collected.
In addition, information about telemarketers or clients of telemarketers will be collected to allow telemarketers and their clients to receive technical support from the National DNCL Operator.
If you are making calls related to the federal election and want to register to the Voter Contact Registry (VCR), please visit the CRTC website.